About us

Hi I'm Haley from Little White Chair, here's a few random things about me and the team of people who never cease to amaze me and who make Little White Chair tick....


I Went back to college to study interior design when I was well in my 30's.

I have worked off and on in theatre for 20 years...writer, director, set design and production.

Finding quirky old furniture and painting it makes me happy  

First job was in hairdressing (quick, hide all sissors).

Last job was at Movie World.

Married to Greg, who has the uncanny ability to see what most people miss, he is my Mr Fix-it & Find it, he never ceases to amaze when it comes to finding those rare and ramdom items that are on peoples wish lists. 




 The style team at Little White Chair have worked together on small and large corpotate events, women's themed events, stage shows, muscials and concerts on and off for the past 20 years. 

We are like a well oiled machine that makes things beautiful. I could not count how many times we have been spotter on a ladder for each other, swung from high beams, wrestled with fairy lights or dragged props around venues together... but that's our happy place and whether you want a little help with your DIY, want us to takeover and work our magic or even have us completely manage your event I can honestly say that you'd be in safe hands with a team that can focus on the details but never lose sight of the big picture.

Our "on the day' maitre d team for our complete wedding pacakges are a rare gift,  it gets kind of crazy behind the scenes so no matter what, you have to be able to count on your team. The Little White Chair team will treat you and your guests like family, no little detail or request from a bride or her guest is too much trouble, if we can make it happen we will, we enjoy what we do and we love weddings

 We look forward to meeting you at Little White Chair.